Maintenance Tips For The Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is widely used by many people since it is cheap compared to hardwood and stone. Though it is less expensive, the material is very durable and has various elegant designs as well as patterns that you can choose from. There are important maintenance tips that require being implemented once your new vinyl flooring material is installed.

Address the spills immediatelyspilled drink

Any pills should be addressed immediately it occurs. This prevents the occurrence of stains on your floor. The excess liquid should be soaked using a clean rag. Then clean the floor area immediately using clean water and a little soap. A paper towel is then used to dry the floor. Alternatively one can use the overhead fans in drying the cleaned area naturally.

Cleaning using a neutral detergent

You can use warm water together with a neutral detergent to clean your room. This makes your room look fresh and shinny. However, care must be taken to avoid using too much water since it might damage the floor making it to buckle. The solvent chemical must also be avoided as they might make the room look dull with time. Such solvents might dissolve the shine any other paint used in the room. Solvents are therefore not necessary for cleaning your floor.

Use of protective pads

Moving furniture around the vinyl flooring might end up leaving some ugly scratch marks. Protective pads should be used to avoid this from happening. The pads are available in different sizes for the sofa legs, dining room table, and chairs. Pads are easy to install, inexpensive and they last for a long time.

Utilize the area rags and door mats

Doormats should be added in fronshoest of all the doors and area rags installed in the center area of the living room. This helps in reducing the amount of cleaning required in your room. This also helps in minimizing the chances of dragging the various items including furniture on the floor which would leave your floor surface scratched.

Walk the plank

Do you intend to rearrange any of your room? The process of installing new furniture in your room or rearranging your items might scratch your vinyl floor. Laying down a wooden plank o the floor is the best way of avoiding this. The wooden plank is used as a walkway from the door to where you pan to place or relocate your item.

Utilizing the tips mentioned will help you in saving money by reducing the maintenance cost of the floor as well increasing the life of your beautiful floors.