How To Save Water During Summer

The consumption of water during summer is very high since it is scorching. There are some of the daily activities which require water during summer such as siding maintenance, car washes, gardening, tree care, outdoor summer fun, dishes, and laundry. However, there are still ways and means which can be adopted to make you enjoy summer and to stay cool while still managing your daily water consumption. There are a few adjustments which can be done to the daily habits at homes which would help families in saving money spent on energy and water bills.

Here are the effective tips for reducing water consumption during summer.

Checking the water heaterSolis power

Checking out the functionality of the water heater is very critical. A professional plumber can help you in servicing it to ensure that it operates at the optimum conditions. Periodic servicing should be done at least two times a year. This ensures that the heater is efficient thus minimizing energy wastage. You might also consider replacing the old heater to avoid wasting energy and water. The performance of machines declines with age.

Outdoor sprinklers

Consider using the automatic sprinkler system for your garden and lawn care. They allow for adjustment where one can shave off some minute from every cycle. This helps to minimize the consumption of water dramatically which is reflected in the utility bills. In case you are using the manual sprinkler, ensure that they are strategically located to water only your flora and not anything else. You can also turn off the water some minutes earlier. This helps in saving water.

Dish washers

Try to many dishesrun your dishwashers on full loads. This will reduce the frequency of operating them which goes a long way in saving water. You can also try to clean the large items such as mixing bowels manually. Such items are easier to clean by hands and rinse since they take a lot of space in your dish washer.

Garden care

It is advisable to water the lawns and flower gardens early in the morning and late in the evening. This helps in minimizing the rates of evaporation caused by the hot sun. It also helps he soli to retain moisture for a longer time. When you practice this, you will not be required to water your garden daily. One might also consider purchasing a rain barrel which helps in collecting rain water to be used for watering the gardens.

Finally, ensure that your trim your grass at higher levels when using your mower. This avoids direct exposure of the soil and roots to sunlight. This minimizes the rate of evapotranspiration, and your grass and flowers can remain moist for a longer period.